Pilot Sites Wanted

BenignEye is an intelligent solution for the monitoring of elderly people living alone in their own home.

It combines unobtrusive home automation technology with intelligent learning algorithms to provide a system which can alert family and other caregivers to unusual patterns of behavior. These may be as simple as not using the coffee maker until 10am or making multiple visits to the bathroom during the night. That all depends on what is normal for the person being monitored and is where the power of machine learning is brought into play. The system has been on pilot in the UK for some time and will shortly be going on general sale.

As sole BenignEye agents for USA, we are looking for some pilot sites here to try out the BenignEye system in real-life USA usage. We’ve found one big difference from the UK already – hardly anybody here has a Kettle! Help us to find any similar issues and optimize this flexible technology to provide the best support for those looking to Age In Place.

If you have an elderly family member living alone, whom you would like to keep a benign eye on, then get in touch and we’ll get you set up.

If you’re really quick you might get 1 of the 4 systems we have to give away totally free!

Please email Nick@Agiloak.com or call me on 319 519 3643 if you would like to find out more.


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