Mum with Tim JonesReal-life is the inspiration for the BenignEye system. Sadly, my Mum passed away in February 2016 but was still living independently at 90 and doing remarkably well considering – she was profoundly deaf and registered as partially sighted due to AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration).

I started with a simple tablet based messaging system so she could tell me if she was going in the shower (which explained why she might not answer the phone) which might otherwise mean I was worrying over nothing. This came through as an email on my smartphone and it progressed from there.

Incidentally, every BenignEye system comes with a free copy of this messaging app which will run on Android, Apple or Windows tablets. You can change the button options to whatever you want.

Tim Jones, Founder & CEO, BenignEye (UK)